Just like getting a loan for a car, you can also take out a loan to help you cover the full cost of your solar energy system. This streamlined process makes solar power financing as straightforward as possible allowing you to save on your solar energy costs. Once you get approved for a loan amount, our solar energy team will then design a system that fits within your budget and meets your family’s energy needs.

Once you establish your solar power financing, the rest is up to us. As an all-inclusive solar provider, we will handle your entire project for you. We’ll take care of the design, permitting, install, and inspections of your solar energy system. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the savings on your monthly electric bill. Solar energy costs much less than you think, and with Bear Mountain Solar, solar panels are easier to get than ever.

Foundation Finance Dealer


  1. Project Start / Permit Deposit
  2. Materials & Labor
  3. Final Payment